Important Information- terms and conditions

By signing the contract, the lessee undertakes and accept to respect the general terms and conditions, as well as assume all rights and obligations arising from this contract:

-accepts the prices and other rental conditions specified in the valid price list as an integral part of this contract

-payment is exclusively in denar equivalent of 62 MKD

-stricktly forbidden smoking in the car 

-to be 21 years old, and have a valid driver’s license for at least 2 years,

-that he receives the vehicle in a good condition, with a full tank of fuel and with all the equipment, tools and documents, and that he will return the vehicle in the same condition as he received it with a full tank. If not, it will be charged additionally 150 eur.

-that he will return the rented vehicle within the period indicated in this contract and at the request of the lessor 24 hours before the expiry of the return of the vehicle,

-to immediately stop using the vehicle if he finds that there is any defect in the vehicle and to inform the lessor about it,

-the vehicle is properly maintained and stored during its use.

-If, due to the lessee’s carelessness, came to damage the tires, rims and the lower part of the vehicle occurs, to the vehicle of the lessee, and there is no traffic accident, the lessee is obligated to notify the lessor immediately, as well as to pay the total damage and the vehicle repair amount, and the amount of lost daily rent according to the valid price list during the vehicle repair.

-For the loss of documents and vehicle keys, you have to pay a damage of 150 Euros in denar equivalent.

-When using the rented vehicle, the lessee, in accordance with the legal regulations and rules of insurance, is insured for legal liability for damage caused to a third party, and the vehicle is also insured

with a comprehensive insurance policy, but the lessee bear 10% participation of the damage, even it’s not his fault.

-If the vehicle is damaged due to the lessee’s fault, he is also responsible for the damage in the form of lost earnings that occurred as a result of not using the vehicle.

-The amount of the damage caused due to the non-use of the vehicle is determined in the amount of the flat rate price of a daily rental of the vehicle according to the valid price list.

During the use of the rented vehicle, the renter bears all costs for garages, parking, as well as possible fines and other unforeseen costs.

The lessor has the right to additionally charge the lessee for any additional fines or violations for which the lessor would be responsible as the owner of the vehicle.

The lessee is responsible for all the damages:

-Made on the vehicle that he or another driver authorized by him made under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

-If the damage was done intentionally or due to gross negligence while driving the vehicle

-If the driver did not have a valid driver’s license at the time of the damage,

-If the driver at the time of the damage was under a protective measure prohibiting driving a motor vehicle.

-If he does not report the damage to the police and submit a police report.

-The vehicle rental agreement comes into force upon signing by both contract parties.

. No provision set forth in the vehicle rental agreement may be changed without the prior consent of the lessor

In case of dispute, the cort in Ohrid in competent.

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